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Artist's Row Vol. 1

Dark World presents

Artist's Row Vol. 1

no. 060101-Out of Print, rare limited release

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'Artist's Row Vol. 1' is the first compilation from the Dark World studios. It includes new songs and previously unavailable mixes from Kylyra, Infinisynth, Stygian Tars, and E8. (DJ) Dream Quest also has its debut release on this album. Each song was carefully chosen for its sound and flow, resulting in a compilation that not only allows the listener to discover the various Dark World artists, but also to truly enjoy the collection of music offered.

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1. Cerulean Garden (6:19), 2. Yesterday's Dream
(Far East mix) (4:32)


3. Documentary (6:55), 4. Dreams (4:59),
5. Desolation (4:45)

(DJ) Dream Quest

6. Sleep of the Innocents (dark city mix) (4:35)
7. The Reconstruction (8:13)

Stygian Tars

8. The Beagle and the Roach (3:53),
9. Space Came Before Time (2:51), 10. Spew (5:07)

E8 11. TransE8 (5:45)

Bonus Track


12. Yesterday's Dream (5:22)


Tracks 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 produced by J.A.Bohr. Tracks 1, 2 produced by J.A.Bohr & Kylyra. Tracks 4, 5 produced by Kristi Ameringer & Infinisynth

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