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Chapter Five

Stygian Tars

Chapter Five

no. 040701-digitally available from iTunes -2007

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Producer J.A.Bohr returned to the studio in 2007 to edit and remaster two new Chapters in the Stygian Tars saga. Created for digital release, these new collections continue the journey of Kylyra, Sven and JAB in their explorations of rhythm and sound.

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1. the Molting of the Iron Teridactyl (4:55)

2. Lizard King (6:09)

3. Living Outside of Life (3:28)

4. Level 4 Section 6B (5:49)

5. Ever see a shirt make a phone call (4:24)

6. Silent Black (5:30)

7. Dark Foul and Dank Feet (5:42)

8. the Underwear scare from There (3:31)

9. The Hades Sacrificial Hymnal (3:36)

10. First Flight (4:57)

11. Just don't piss off the neighbors (4:49)

12. Dirty Liz in the King's Club (2:42)

13. Beware the Broccoli (7:29)

14. Tuesday Evening (7:01)

15. Watch them Swaddle (3:31)


All songs written and performed by Stygian Tars. Engineered, Produced, Edited and Remastered by J.A.Bohr. The release contains live stereo performances recorded directly to Digital Audio Tape.


Sven Kort, J.A.B. and Kylyra

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