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Kylyra - download MP3s

These MP3s are FREE to download, listen to, share and enjoy. They are not authorised for sale or resale. No e-mails required, no cookies used.

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from Kylyra - VOX remixes

These are remixes of songs from VOX, performed by Kylyra. A club mix of 'Invisible Threads' and a 'metal' remix of 'Wag On Demand', both produced by KarrArikh Tor.

from Kylyra - Ishtar's Ascent

Two tracks from Kylyra's theatrical auditory work, Ishtar's Ascent. Lost Souls is the "Tormenting of Ishtar" by her sister in hell, and is not recommended listening for people who suffer from mental illness or depression. It is a dark and sad song, representing a low point of Ishtar before she begins to escape hell. Dark World has given this track an age restriction.

from Kylyra - first steps

Two classic instrumentals from Kylyra off her first EP release.

from Kylyra - In the Land of Death and Joy

The extended version of the title track from the release In the Land of Death and Joy, which features remixes of songs from Ishtar's Ascent.

from Kylyra - previously un-released

previously un-released cover of Infinisynth's song, Rain, by Kylyra.

previously un-released instrumental track from the 'first steps' sessions

from Sophia Balestri - XXII

Written as soundtrack to video by Sophia Balestri, "XXII" (http://www.sophiabalestri.com), The High Priestess has three mixes for you to download into your MP3 players. Music written and performed by Kylyra. Spoken voice and lyrics by Sophia Balestri. Electric guitars and bass performed by KarrArikh Tor.

The High Priestess

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