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First Steps


First Steps

no. 030101-Out of Print, rare (missing 3 & 6) -1996

no. 030102-Out of Print, limited release -1998

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Kylyra's 'First Steps' is the debut release of this innovative artist. This EP includes "Urban Garden", the original mix of Kylyra's "Garden" melody, a gently sweeping song that floats the listener over an infectious beat. "Saturian Garden" and "Threshold: Bermuda Triangle mix" are mixes recorded during her time in Stygian Tars. "Birth of a Melancholy Goddess", the first song written by Kylyra, began her use of multi-layered and intertwined melodies which is continued on her new releases.

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1.) The Urban Garden (5:46)

2.) Birth of a Melancholy Goddess (3:39)

3.) Yesterday's Dream of Blonde Hash (5:39)

4.) Saturian Garden (4:35)

5.) Threshold: Bermuda Triangle mix (4:55)

6.) Quick Birth at the Factory (3:18) *


All songs written, programmed, and arranged by Kylyra. except * remix of Birth..., 'Quick Birth at the Factory' by KarrArikh Tor. Produced and Engineered by J.A.Bohr and Kylyra


Kylyra - drums, programming, synths, sound effects

Cover Artwork photography by Kristine K. Ameringer

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