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Red Book


Red Book

no. 030501-Out of Print, rare limited release -2004

no. 030502-digitally available from iTunes -2006

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Due to popular demand, Dark World celebrated its Tenth Anniversity with 5 NEW compilations for the fans in the EU. Compiled by Kylyra, 'Red Book' contains 12 of the most popular songs spanning Kylyra's released works. It also contains the new dance mix, In the Land of Death and Joy 2004, and a previously unreleased track featuring KarrArikh and Alex of Infinisynth, The Karmic Circle, a must have for all Kylyra fans.

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1. Threshold: A New Beginning
(club mix) (6:27)

2. In the Land of Death and Joy
2004 (4:33)

3. The Long Dreaming (club mix) (5:02)

4. Yesterday's Dream
(Far East mix) (4:26)

5. My Demons Inside (6:32)

6. Saturian Garden (4:28)

7. Threshold: Death by Jazz (4:19)

8. Spider (5:27)

9. Quick Birth at the Factory (3:16)

10. Cerulean Garden (6:12)

11. Ezrazellda (5:24)

12. The Karmic Circle (5:07)

13. Birth of a Melancholy Goddess (3:34)


14. In the Land of Death and Joy
(Valhalla mix) (5:39)


All songs written, programmed, arranged, and performed by Kylyra. except tracks 5, 8 & 11 - written by Stygian Tars, arranged and performed by Kylyra. Produced and Engineered by J.A.Bohr and Kylyra.


Kylyra - vocals, drums, programming, synths, sound effects

guitar and drums on The Karmic Circle by KarrArikh and Alex of Infinisynth. remix of Birth of a Melancholy Goddess, Quick Birth at the Factory by KarrArikh.

Cover Artwork graphics by Kristine K. Ameringer

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