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Ishtar's Ascent


Ishtar's Ascent

no. 030301-Out of Print -1998

no. 030302-YAS promotional pressing -1998

no. 030303-CD-On-Demand, from CreateSpace -2010

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Kylyra's 'Ishtar's Ascent' is a theatrical auditory work combining spoken word, classical melodies, techno dance rhythms, live organics and haunting vocals to tell a tale based on "Of the Sleep of Ishtar" from the Necronomicon. Divided into three Acts (The Descent, In Hell & The Ascent), the listener follows Ishtar into Hell where she is tormented by her own thoughts and her sister, Ezrazellda, until she realizes no one has the power to keep her prisoner but herself. One of the most dramatic and moving stories told the way only Kylyra can.

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1. In the Land of Death and Joy

2. 1000 Stairs

3. Lost Souls

4. My Demons Inside *

5. Interlude

6. The Long Dreaming

7. Spider *

8. Interlude

9. pianofortisimo

10. Interlude

11. Ezrazellda *

12. Interlude: Threshold

13. Threshold


All songs written, programmed, arranged and performed by Kylyra. except * written by Stygian Tars, arranged and performed by Kylyra. Produced and Engineered by J.A.Bohr.


Kylyra - all vocals, keyboards, programming, drums, sound effects

except Interlude - The Awakening of Ishtar, contains sample from the film "God Told Me To" Used with permission from Larry Cohen.

Cover Artwork "Untitled" artwork by J. Karl Bogartte (created for this release)

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