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no. 030701-digitally available from iTunes -2007

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An international artist who acknowledges no boundaries, Kylyra's music manages to fuse a variety of influences with fervent lyrics developed from her award winning poetry. Her latest release, VOX, will slap you from one end of the earth to the other. Begin your journey deep in a jungle with The Lizard King, then sail off to the isles of Greece in the waltzing Hip Modern Girl. Head back to North America and dance with First Nation Tribes in In the Land of Death and Joy-21st Century and fly to Japan for the brooding Deadline. From the chilling anger evident in the lyrics of Wag on Demand to the despondency exhibited in Epik, it's obvious Kylyra has a no-holds barred attitude towards her words. VOX is a dynamic, gripping, and completely riveting release.

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1. The Lizard King (4:46)

2. Hip Modern Girl (5:57) *

3. It's Different for the Boys (7:16) *

4. A Cup of Hope (6:05) *

5. Epik (5:59)

6. In the Land of Death and Joy
- 21st Century (6:09) *

7. Deadline (5:21)

8. Mindfire (8:15) *

9. Wag on Demand (4:56) *

10. Call To Dark (5:03) *

11. Invisible Threads (5:21)


All songs written, programmed, arranged, and performed by Kylyra. except track 1- written by Stygian Tars, arranged and performed by Kylyra. track 8- written by Milwaukee's Black Orchid, arranged and performed by Kylyra. track 9- written by Kylyra and KarrArikh Tor, arranged and performed by Kylyra. Produced by Kristi Ameringer. Engineered by J.A.Bohr.


Kylyra - vocals, drums, programming, synths, sound effects

* additional live bass and guitar by KarrArikh Tor

Cover Artwork graphics by Alan B. Harris, design concept by Kylyra.

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