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Deemed Psychotic - Biography

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In 2005, KarrArikh Tor (from Infinisynth) and Kylyra began writing together trying to create a marketable band project. Both Kylyra and KarrArikh Tor had long histories recording with Dark World, but this brother/sister team had never worked writing on a project together. Using their combined writing, arranging, and versatile musical skills, Kylyra and KarrArikh Tor created between them a seven piece hard rock band in the Dark World studios. When questioned over the fullness of their new sound, KarrArikh Tor simply shrugged his shoulders, said "Well, call us crazy", and thus Deemed Psychotic was born

Deemed Psychotic's first four new songs were featured both on the limited release demo Glorg and a Gloob EP as well as the corporate promotional release Noorderslag 2006. Blending transatlantic rock styles from the late 60's to present day, Deemed Psychotic hit the music scene hard with their multi-guitar riffs and double vocals. The public's reaction to the band was overwhelming; requests for live performances and full length releases came pouring in from all over.

2006 saw the completion of The 1st, Deemed Psychotic's first full-length CD release. Now available digitally, The 1st features eight original hard-hitting rock songs that catalogue the band's early recording sessions. As one fan wrote online, "I have never heard high-tech and low-tech combined to form such great 'gotta-keep-listening-music'! The nostalgic, and new tones, are mixed to perfection! This stuff deserves to be played through a billion watt system!" Deemed Psychotic continued in the studio recording most of their next release, 2nd Take, but things slowed in final production.

In 2007, Kylyra devoted most of her time to writing literature as she began honing her first novel, The Demon of Petty Disturbances (see The Written Word under Visual), although she did manage to begin writing new techno music for a project called TechnoKy. KarrArikh Tor began writing his solo release, Tor's Angst, along with recording new tracks into a earlier recording by Future Dialogue.

2008 saw two Deemed Psychotic tracks, Silly Mind Games and The Hunter, open the Dark World Compilation 2008 release. The Hunter, sung by KarrArikh, is from The 1st. It is a song about Kylyra's cat, Sable. Silly Mind Games, sung by Kylyra, is a new song from the upcoming 2nd Take. Also in 2008, Dark World moved from Ardnageehy to Kilcrohane. Deemed Psychotic finished nine final mixes for 2nd Take which are first released online, free to fans. Before the release is finished, Kylyra began work on another new project, KyPoetry, along with writing more TechnoKy. KarrArikh recorded more Tor's Angst material. In December, Tor will begin writing with Shott Crawler on what was a solo project for Shott at the time. Deemed Psychotic does manage to write and record a new holiday song, Toy Man, for DIH and Friends XMAS 2008 compilation.

2009, KarrArikh joins Shott under the band name, Shaky Dawg, while finishing Tor's Angst recordings. KarrArikh and Spike perform as Future Dialogue. Kylyra continues work on KyPoetry while setting up the first Poets Express and Kids Express events in the summer of 2009. Deemed Psychotic becomes one of the highest viewed profile on darkworld.com with Silly Mind Games being one of the top downloads of that year. Also Deemed Psychotic manages to write and record a 2nd holiday song, Toy Man 2, for DIH and Friends XMAS 2009 compilation.

In 2010, Kylyra manages to receive Irish charity status for Express Events, meant to support the Poets Express and Kids Express events. KarrArikh, Shott and Spike are joined by Kylyra as they perform Shaky Dawg live. KarrArikh and Spike perform as Future Dialogue behind Kylyra on a KyPoetry performance. Deemed Psychotic still is one of the highest viewed profile on darkworld.com and Silly Mind Games continues being one of the top downloads. Work on finishing 2nd Take continues to be delayed. Although live shows were offered, Deemed Psychotic must turn them down as the sound was too big to be played live by just two people. As Shaky Dawg runs into criticism for using backing tracks live, the idea of Deemed live gets shelved.

As Express Events runs out of money, Poets Express and Kids Express can not be run in 2011. KarrArikh, Shott, Kylyra and Spike rework the sound of Shaky Dawg as they begin recording a full length release. KarrArikh begins heavy rewrites of the darkworld.com's html coding (he says it will take years to finish). Kylyra spends the year involving herself more with community projects as KarrArikh ends the year in the studio finishing Tor's Angst production and recording new Infinisynth. Toy Man and Toy Man 2 are placed on index page as downloads of the month with hundreds of hits in December.

In 2012, KarrArikh Tor and Kylyra have begun working in the studio to finish 2nd Take.

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