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Toy Man

Deemed Psychotic

Toy Man

no. 100601- digital release, available on iTunes -2013

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Deemed Psychotic's 2013 holiday release, featuring the Toy Man saga and six new recordings. Right from the start, it's evident that 'Toy Man' is all about fun. The cover is a cartoon illustration of Christmas night, with Santa's sleigh turned upside down and the jolly man himself stuck in a chimney. Many Deemed Psychotic fans will recognize the first two tracks, 'Toy Man' and 'Toy Man 2', which have been at the top of Dark World International's downloads for twenty-eight consecutive months. The finished productions of these two internet favorites will not disappoint fans. In addition, Deemed Psychotic have rounded out the Toy Man saga by writing three new songs, Toy Man 3, Toy Man 4, and Toy Man 5. This tongue-in-cheek run, loosely inspired by Matt Groening's 'Futurama' show, is a perfect break from familiar carols and melancholy pop holiday songs.

In the original song 'Toy Man', Deemed Psychotic sing that Santa is dead because children no longer believe in him. In 'Toy Man 2', we learn that the band wasn't kidding - Santa really did die, caught in a chimney. Unfortunately for the world, one little girl brought Santa back to life - as a zombie! 'Toy Man 3' goes on to tell that parents couldn't stand Christmas being corrupted in such a manner so they built a new robot Santa to kill zombie Santa. 'Toy Man 4' is a rocking instrumental of the war between robot Santa and zombie Santa. Finally in 'Toy Man 5' robot Santa turns on all the people cheering him on, and the killing process is started all over again. "By the time Christmas actually comes around, most people are ready to explode when they hear yet another carol. And more recent holiday releases seem to all be depressing," says lyricist Kylyra. "We wanted to create some new Christmas songs that were great to listen to and a lot of fun as well."

The Toy Man release includes six songs in addition to the Toy Man saga, keeping high spirits and a sense of giddy fun going to the end. 'Smile on Delivery' and 'Autobahn' will be familiar to Deemed Psychotic fans from downloads available at www.darkworld.com. The appropriately named 'Hypomania', rolling in with a backwards sample, has been redone with sparkling vocals and sharp wit behind every syllable. 'Fred' and 'Reach Down' are both older songs to the band but brand new to Deemed Psychotic fans, and 'My Birthday Song', is a gem of a piece for anyone who has to celebrate their birthday alone. Rife with punk and progressive influences, the release 'Toy Man' shows a lighter side to Deemed Psychotic harkening back to some of their original songs on 'The 1st' without losing the band's signature sound of rich guitars and stand out keyboards.

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1. Toy Man (3:03)

2. Toy Man 2 (4:50)

3. Toy Man 3 (4:20)

4. Toy Man 4 (2:19)

5. Toy Man 5 (3:18)

6. Smile on Delivery (4:06)

7. Fred (4:50)

8. HypoMania (3:25)

9. My Birthday Song (4:16)

10. Autobahn (4:33)

11. Reach Down (3:08)


All songs written, arranged and performed by KarrArikh Tor and Kylyra. Produced by Kristi Ameringer and Engineered by J.A.Bohr


Kylyra - Lead and backing vocals, keyboards, lyrics, rhythm, rhythm programming, melodic composition and arrangement. KarrArikh Tor- Lead and backing vocals, guitars, bass, rhythm, rhythm programming, melodic composition and arrangement.

Cover Artwork design concept by Deemed Psychotic, 'Psycho Boy' drawn by KarrArikh Tor

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