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Noorderslag 2006

Dark World presents

Noorderslag 2006

no. 060401-Promotional release, Out of Print

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Compiled from Dark World's upcoming releases, 'Noorderslag 2006' features Dark World's premiere Hard Rock band, Deemed Psychotic, the incredible Alternative Dance diva, Kylyra, the fresh techno styling of Doctor When, and Dark World's first Country band, Cafe Crawlers (which has drifted into the shadows for now making this quite rare).

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Deemed Psychotic

1. Gunning 4 Elle, 2. Methane Man, 3. It's Raining,
4. The Hunter


5. In the Land of Death and Joy - 21st Century, 6. Kashmir,
7. Epik, 8. Hip Modern Girl

Doctor When

9. There's a Dalek in my Head, 10. Bawah, 11. Behind You

Cafe Crawlers

12. Hard Drinkin' Man, 13. Even if it makes Both of us Blue, 14. If You Know What I Mean


Tracks 1-8 produced by Kristi Ameringer. Track 9-11 produced by Doctor When. Tracks 12-14 produced by J.A.Bohr.

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