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Deemed Psychotic - MP3s

These MP3s of music by Deemed Psychotic are FREE to download, listen to, share and enjoy. They are not authorised for sale or resale. No e-mails required, no cookies used.

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darkworld.com-internet release, of two bonus tracks from the physical release of The 1st by Deemed Psychotic. Polished mixes of the songs are available on the release 2nd Take.

Deemed Psychotic's My Birthday Song, a darkworld.com-internet release, finally a birthday song to sing, meant for someone celebrating their own birthday.

Deemed Psychotic holiday songs, a darkworld.com-internet release, originally released on DIH and Friends XMAS releases from 2008 and 2009. language warning: Toy Man 2 (DIH mix) contains the line 'Oh F***' instead of 'this SUCKS'.

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