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2nd Take

Deemed Psychotic

2nd Take

no. 100501- digitally available from iTunes -2013

no. 100502- Out of Print- digitally from Wa3.cn -2013

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Long anticipated by fans and band members alike, Deemed Psychotic's second release, 2nd Take, proves to be an album worth waiting for. Rolling in with the brilliant Over the Moon and including epic songs like Frankie and Blind Faith, it's evident from the start that the band and the band's sound has matured like fine wine into a neo throw back to the days of massive rock bands. Deemed Psychotic's signature sound is there, resplendent with guitars and keys fusing into sublime perfection, but fuller and richer than before. 2nd Take is loaded with appeal, moving from larger songs to the obvious singles on the release like Silly Mind Games and Big Shot Says. Lyrically darker than The 1st, Deemed Psychotic manages to deal with serious subjects in Monsters, Plugging Into the National Grid, and The Kids of Today with neither depressing nor insulting the listener. It's not all dark, though. Deemed Psychotic sprinkled the release with upbeat songs like House of Sand and Lighter Side of Life, both of which deal with friendship. Ending on the hopeful and heartfelt Touchstone, 2nd Take is a magnificent release for any Deemed Psychotic fan.

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1. Over The Moon (4:59)

2. Big Shot Says (4:06)

3. Frankie (7:18)

4. House of Sand (4:42)

5. Lighter Side Of Life (3:20)

6. Blind Faith (7:45)

7. Silly Mind Games (3:22)

8. Eating the Lotus (6:15)

9. Monsters (5:51)

10. Plugging Into the National Grid (5:22)

11. The Kids of Today (5:07)

12. Touchstone (4:27)


All songs written, arranged and performed by KarrArikh Tor and Kylyra. Produced by Kristi Ameringer and Engineered by J.A.Bohr


Kylyra - Lead and backing vocals, keyboards, lyrics, rhythm, rhythm programming, melodic composition and arrangement. KarrArikh Tor- Lead and backing vocals, guitars, bass, rhythm, rhythm programming, melodic composition and arrangement.

Cover Artwork design concept by Deemed Psychotic, 'Psycho Boy' drawn by KarrArikh Tor

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