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The 1st

Deemed Psychotic

The 1st

no. 100201-limited promotional release, Out of Print -2006

no. 100202-digitally available from iTunes -2006

no. 100203-Out of print, from CreateSpace -2012

no. 100204-Out of print- digitally from Wa3.cn -2013

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Deemed Psychotic's The 1st brings listeners back to the heart of guitar dominated hard rock. Breaking from the current trend of sterile sampling and diminished guitar in modern music, Deemed Psychotic load song after song with five layered guitars blended with commanding bass lines and dynamic keyboards. Irresistible double vocals moving back and forth from Kylyra's piercing wails to KarrArikh Tor's smoky voice and lashings of punk complete the band's unmatched hard rock sound.

From the opening chord on the blistering Gunning 4 Elle to the very end of the The 1st, powerhouse hard rock complete with memorable guitar riffs drives the album. Lyrically, the band moves from social commentary to introspection to humour with equal ease and confidence. Cult favorite Methane Man shows off Deemed Psychotic's humor handled with the band's typical tongue-in-cheek attitude, while The Hunter confronts the mindset of modern killers. The Bauhaus-like November and the haunting From Behind show off Deemed Psychotic's versatility and musical range. Through it all, Deemed Psychotic manages to create a memorable band sound, unmistakable in today's music market. The un-rivaled sound of The 1st will mesmerize, captivate, and spellbind listeners. An essential album for your collection.

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1. Gunning 4 Elle (5:18)

2. Differently (5:42)

3. It's Raining (4:03)

4. Methane Man (5:55)

5. Battle of Wills (7:03)

6. From Behind (5:05)

7. November (5:35)

8. The Hunter (5:01)

bonus tracks on no. 100203

9. Silly Mind Games (1st mix) (3:22)

10. Hypomania (1st mix) (3:21)

11. The Kids of Today (1st mix) (6:23)

12. Blind Faith (1st mix) (7:47)


All songs written, arranged and performed by Deemed Psychotic. Produced by Kristi Ameringer and Engineered by J.A.Bohr


Kylyra - Lead and backing vocals, keyboards, lyrics, rhythm, rhythm programming, melodic composition and arrangement. KarrArikh Tor- Lead and backing vocals, guitars, bass, rhythm, rhythm programming, melodic composition and arrangement.

Cover Artwork design concept by Deemed Psychotic, 'Psycho Boy' drawn by KarrArikh Tor

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