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Noorderslag 2007

Dark World presents

Noorderslag 2007

no. 060601-Promotional release, Out of Print

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'Noorderslag 2007' features Dark World's premiere Hard Rock band, Deemed Psychotic. The first three songs come from their release, 'The 1st', now available on iTunes. The rest of the CD showcases some of the cover songs the band has recorded during rehersals.

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Deemed Psychotic

from 'The 1st'

  • 1. From Behind

  • 2. November

  • 3. Differently

covers from rehersals

  • 4. Wishing Well, 5. No New Tale To Tell, 6. Tuesday Afternoon, 7. Peace and Love, Inc., 8. Bloody Well Right, 9. The Reaper, 10. Don't Bring Me Down, 11. Rhiannon, 12. Dream Police, 13 A Forest, 14. You Spin Me Round, 15. Everyday is Halloween, 16. Beyond the Realms of Death, 17. One More Time, 18. Pretty Vacant


Produced by
Kristi Ameringer.

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