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Artist's Row vol. 3

Dark World voorstellen

Artist's Row vol. 3

no. 060301-Out of Print, rare limited release

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Compiled from the Dark World archives by Hyperkitty and Johnny M of Asagiri, this limited run CD was created as a thank you to the coffee houses of Amsterdam. We hope all who recieved copies, or heard them while rolling a J, enjoyed the experience. Het is voor U, Amsterdam. Het is een Dank U Wel voor alle de oprecht welkom en hartelijk ervaringen.

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Kylyra 1. The Long Dreaming (club mix) [5:06]

(DJ) Dream Quest 2. The Unconscious Drift [4:25]

Stygian Tars 3. Zero Zero Seven Haunting Lane [4:21]

Kylyra 4. Cerluean Garden [6:18]

Infinisynth 5. Desolation [5:00]

Stygian Tars 6. Wrap of Possession [2:41]

Stygian Tars 7. Wandering [6:58]

(DJ) Dream Quest 8. Heartbeat into a Coma [8:29]

Kylyra 9. Quick Birth at The Factory [3:20]

Kylyra 10. Ezrazellda [5:34]

Stygian Tars 11. Red Zone Cuba [3:32]

Pisces Shadow 12. May (Druid mix) [7:12] *

E8 13. MedE8 [7:58] * rangschikken bij Johnny M

Stygian Tars 14. Confusion at Houston [0:52]


samenstellen bij Hyperkitty en Johnny M uit de band Asagiri. produceren bij J.A.Bohr. * produceren bij Kristi Ameringer

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