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Artist's Row Vol. 2

Dark World presents

Artist's Row vol. 2

no. 060201-Out of Print, rare limited release

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'Artist's Row Vol. 2' is the second compilation from the Dark World studios. It includes new songs, improvisations (IMPS) and previously unavailable mixes from Pisces Shadow, Jam for the Dead, Infinisynth, and Continental Drift. Each song was carefully chosen for its sound and flow, resulting in a compilation that not only allows the listener to discover the various Dark World artists, but also to truly enjoy the collection of music offered.

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Pisces Shadow 1. breathe (Dark mix) (10:31)

Dark World IMPs 2. Cincinnati insanely read (4:48) featuring J.A.B., Kylyra, David and Dan Ameringer

Dark World IMPs 3. Undiscovered Country (6:01) featuring KarrArikh and Kylyra

Dark World IMPs 4. We need to vacuum the ceiling (4:52) and 5. Seamus (8:33) featuring J.A.B., Kylyra, and Tivi

Jam for the Dead 6. Orbital Rollercoaster (extended version) (8:48) and 7. Nipple Tweeker Man (reprise) (5:18) and 8. Turkish Hash (3:58) featuring KarrArikh, Kylyra, and Chris Chamberlin

Jam for the Dead 9. Lullaby of the Ice Giant (8:50) featuring Kain, KarrArikh, Katze, and Kylyra

Infinisynth 10. Madness Poem (1:52)

Continental Drift 11. Freak of Nature (5:40) featuring guest performances by Kylyra and KarrArikh


Tracks 2-6, & 9-11 produced and engineered by J.A.Bohr, Track 8 produced and engineered by Kristi Ameringer, Track 7 produced and engineered by Christopher David Miner, Track 1 produced and engineered by Ameringer, Bohr, and Miner

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