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Stygian Tars - Biography

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Stygian Tars was formed in 1996 by the unexpected reunion in Minneapolis of J.A.B. and Sven Korth (both from Milwaukee's Black Orchid). They quickly joined forces with Kylyra, forming one of the most dynamic improvisational trios ever recorded in the Dark World studios.

Using a live audio recording style, these three artists blended the experimental, industrial, and gothic influences of Milwaukee's Black Orchid with the groove and classical melodies of Kylyra to create what critics claimed was "very original ... a style and sound truly their own" (Corridor of Cells webmag) on their first demo release on cassette in 1997, 'This Is The Land Of The Shades, Of Sleep, And Of Drowsy Night - Chapter One'. The band's label, Dark World, was so impressed by the group's potential a special video was created to appear as the opener to the 1997 North American cable broadcast of Dark World Television: Episode One "tourist".

After a year of weekly recording sessions culminating in the memorable live show Event622, the band felt they had musically explored all they could together and moved onto other projects, but their music continued to be released in limited runs through their label. Their demo release was followed up with the official limited CD releases of 'Chapter One', 'Chapters Two and Three', and the digital release of 'Abridged Edition'.

Stygian Tars 'Chapter Four' and 'Chapter Five' offer worldwide fans yet two more fantastic releases from the band's unforgettable year of recording.

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