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TechnoKy photo

TechnoKy’s darkworld – day and night mixes Using vintage techno sounds and giving more than just a passing nod to the influence of Sven Vaeth, Kylyra conjures up her newest project, TechnoKy. Programming and writing on a Roland MC-303, Kylyra recorded her perfected tracks digitally onto a Fostex D2424LV, ran them through a 16 channel […]

Chapter Four and Chapter Five

Stygian Tars logo

Stygian Tars – Chapters Four and Five Stygian Tars formed in 1996 by the unexpected reunion in Minneapolis of J.A.B. and Sven Kort (both being members from Milwaukee’s Black Orchid). They quickly joined forces with Kylyra, forming one of the most dynamic improvisational trios ever recorded in the Dark World studios. Using a live audio […]

Tor’s Angst – JGHAZKR

Pic of KarrArikh Tor for Tor's Angst

Tor’s Angst – JGHAZKR Get your ears ready for an assault. Tor’s Angst, a new solo project from KarrArikh Tor (lead vocalist and guitarist of the band Infinisynth), will set your teeth on edge with its heart of noise in an onslaught of nu-metal/industrial music. Heavily distorted guitars, chaotic rhythms and multiple vocal lines are […]

Chronicles One, Two, and Three

Milwaukee's Black Orchid photo

Milwaukee’s Black Orchid – Chronicles One, Two, and Three Milwaukee’s Black Orchid is a three-piece improvisation group (sometimes joined by friends) who’s music has never been easy to describe. “This … is a miasma of electro beats that seem to go nowhere and then spin back on your ears and go somewhere where you’ll never […]

Kylyra – Red Book


Kylyra – Red Book The style of Siouxsie. The brass of Grace Jones. The power of Ann Wilson. Put them all together and you’ve got an idea of the alternative dance music from Kylyra. Spanning the gap between dance, gothic, industrial, and avant-garde music genres, Kylyra’s strong classical melodies on keyboards melded with classic techno, […]

Johnny M – Riddle

Johnny M Gayzmonic photo

Johnny M – Riddle The rich ambience of Johnny M Gayzmonic‘s organically-developed techno sound caresses the listener’s ears like honey and have drawn in fans for his music from around the world. Thoroughly grounded in classical training and musical theory, Johnny M has long impressed both the artists and the producers that have worked with […]

Power Machine – revisited

Future Dialogue

Future Dialogue – Power Machine revisited Power Machine revisited is the re-release of Future Dialogue‘s Power Machine, with a twist. “First recorded in the early 90’s, ‘Power Machine’ was essentially an acoustic release with attitude. The original was a vocal/guitar release with sparse rhythms. I found a Master copy in storage while remastering old material. […]

Infinisynth – Spiral Default 2013

Infinisynth photo featuring KarrArikh Tor

Infinisynth – Spiral Default 2013 KarrArikh Tor returns to Infinisynth with some of the hardest hitting songs they have performed yet. Spiral Default 2013 contains 14 new recordings for Infinisynth fans to feast on. Mixing distorted guitars with thumping bass, pounding drums, ambient keyboards and orchestral movements, KarrArikh expands the rock genres farther, gaining a […]

Dream Quest – Herb Garden

CD cover for "Season One: The Passing of a Loved One" from DJ Dream Quest

Dream Quest – Season Three: Herb Garden Fronted by Navigator X, (DJ) Dream Quest is deep atmospheric trance with industrial influences. (DJ) Dream Quest’s first release, ‘Season One’ quickly gained attention and was featured in the 1998 MCTC video short “Marbel Universe presents: A Vision of NON in a World of Dreams”, as well as […]

Deemed Psychotic – 2nd Take

Pic of KarrArikh Tor and Kylyra from Deemed Psychotic

Deemed Psychotic – 2nd Take Long anticipated by fans and band members alike, Deemed Psychotic‘s second release, 2nd Take, proves to be an album worth waiting for. Rolling in with the brilliant Over the Moon and including epic songs like Frankie and Blind Faith, it’s evident from the start that the band and the band’s […]

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