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Infinisynth - Biography

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The main electric project of artist KarrArikh Tor, Infinisynth began in 1992, in the aftermath of Future Dialogue's first line-up disbanding. For years Infinisynth was plagued by backing artist problems. In 1993, KarrArikh hooked up with Alex MacHein (on drums and rhythm/programming), releasing 'Subnormal Episodes Vol. 1' in 1993 on cassette.

The following three years saw tremendous growth for the band. Local radio airplay and audience numbers at live shows continued to increase. The Milwaukee (Wisconsin) weekly public access television series Ennui Entertainment Presents (MATA 14/47) requested material from the band to accompany their video series, and Infinisynth responded by finding two new back-up artists to help flesh out the sound, Kat and Kasey Tyr. The new line-up began to record their material completely live, a bold move resulting in unique audio recordings. The 95 minute Norse Epic 'Germania Saga' written by KarrArikh Tor was the ultimate pinnacle of this line-up's use of MIDI programming and outboard sequencers.

A move to goth-rock on the 1996 limited run international release CD 'Shadow and Shade' created quite a stir; critics throughout Europe recognised the hints of Bauhaus, The Cure, and Sisters of Mercy. Goth radio programmes raved about the release and requested more from the band. Unfortunately, the pressure of supporting the release combined with a home base move lost KarrArikh and Alex their back-up artists once again. This didn't stop Infinisynth; their hard work paid off in continued college/independent radio airplay, club airplay, and a live radio/internet simulcast in 1998.

With the new millennium came a new recording style for Infinisynth; the band was finally persuaded to use multitrack recordings on ADAT. Featuring yet another back-up artist line-up, now with Kain leFayne joining on bass, Infinisynth created the hauntingly beautiful 'What Remains in the Machine... '. Unfortunately for the band and Infinisynth fans everywhere, the year 2000 brought so many changes to Dark World that 'What Remains in the Machine...' received little to no attention.

Finally after establishing a new home in Ireland, Infinisynth was persuaded to remaster some of their classic songs from the past onto two new releases, 'default' and 'reload'. These two CDs offer both new and long time fans a unique opportunity to own some Infinisynth recordings never released before on CD. Remastered tracks from the video series Ennui Entertainment Presents, 'Shadow and Shade', and the little noticed but brilliant 'What Remains in the Machine... ' are all included. Although the music charts and pop stations ignored the releases, the fans found them and 'default' has become the best selling release by Infinisynth on iTunes.

In 2010, 'Shadow and Shade - remastered' was released as a CD-On-Demand, and is available through CreateSpace.com and Amazon.com. The release contains two bonus tracks, originally released on 'Subnormal Episodes...'. In 2012, 'What Remains in the MACHINE...' was remastered and released as a CD-On-Demand. This release also contains bonus tracks, two new songs recorded in 2011.

KarrArikh and Alex began writing a new release in the end of March 2012, finishing it in December. The new release has 14 songs. Infinisynth has put all 14 final mixes on SoundCloud, allowing fans to hear the new release (http://soundcloud.com/infinisynth). Included are some of the earlier rough recordings and songs from earlier releases. The album, Spiral Default 2013, is available as a physical CD from CreateSpace, and as a digital release available on iTunes and other online dealers.

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