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What Remains in the Machine...


What Remains in the MACHINE...

no. 010401-Out of Print, rare limited release -2000

no. 010402-CD-On-Demand, from CreateSpace -2012

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Infinisynth's Millennium release, What Remains in the MACHINE... returns to print re-mastered with the addition of two brand new recordings. Originally released in 2000, distribution of the release was shelved when Dark World moved to Ireland. Producer Jeffrey Alan Bohr began re-mastering the release after having re-released Shadow and Shade in 2010. KarrArikh Tor and Alex MacHein returned to the studios in December 2011, completing an unfinished track from the original sessions, The Experiment, and writing a new song, Empty Pages, just for the re-release

Described as a little Bauhaus, a little Sisters of Mercy, a little New Order, a little Einstürzende Neubauten, cult legend goth rock band Infinisynth layer mellow song structures with the ecstatic guitar work of frontman KarrArikh Tor. Although the band line up has changed over the years, the rich resonance of the music hasn't. Exploring the reaches of gothic and industrial rock music, Infinisynth's sound evolves with each new album. "The music is very low-key, laid back while the contents and structure are mellow and gloomy with a soothing appeal, as the fast paced guitar work weaves you in and out of ecstasy" (Klaus Dello-Stryto, The Glass Eye, July 1997). "Incisive guitar work ... Promising" (Bizarre Fanzine, Issue 10/Northampton, UK, 2000). "Es ist düstere, aber sehr schöne und wavige Gothic-Musik ..." (Back Again Webzine/Germany, 2002). Praised by critics in both Europe and America, Infinisynth continues to grab the attention of listeners worldwide.

What Remains in the MACHINE... was the first time Infinisynth was persuaded to use multi-track recordings on ADAT. Producer Kristi Ameringer pushed the band in this direction. "Logistically, we were having scheduling problems. No one could get together at the same time on a regular basis. Artistically, I wanted an opportunity to use the multi-track capabilities of ADAT to capture KarrArikh's voice and guitar. The boys gave me some fantastic material to work with. I think the CD is one of their best." CD includes re-mastered recordings of the songs; power machine I, II, & III, Reign on Hunter, Love of Lies, Engines, follow, Of Miracles and Madness, Power, fragen, distant worlds, power machine - reprise, and the new recordings; Empty Pages, and The Experiment. What Remains in the Machine... is a soon to be Infini-classic.

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1.) power machine I, II, & III (5:52)

2.) Reign on Hunter (3:14)

3.) Love of Lies * (4:45)

4.) Engines (5:34)

5.) follow (6:10)

6.) Of Miracles and Madness * (7:50)

7.) Power (7:22)

8.) fragen * (8:26)

9.) distant worlds (4:02)

10.) power machine - reprise (9:09)

bonus tracks on no. 010402

11.) Empty Pages (4:00)

12.) The Experiment (4:40)


All songs written, programmed, and arranged by KarrArikh, except fragen, music written by KarrArikh and Kain. Produced and Engineered by Kristi Ameringer, except tracks 11 and 12 produced and engineered by J.A.Bohr. *live stereo performances recorded directly to Digital Audio Tape.


KarrArikh Tor- vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitar, keyboards, sequences, drum and rhythm programming. Alex MacHein- vocals, percussion, drum/rhythm programming. Kain leFayne- vocals, bass guitar.

Cover Artwork "The Imaginary Nature of Things" by J. Karl Bogartte

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