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no. 010501-Out of Print, rare limited release -2004

no. 010502-digital release, available on iTunes -2006

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Dark World celebrated its Tenth Anniversity with 5 limited run releases in 2004 for the fans in the EU. Infinisynth compiled 2 releases for the celebration, default and reload. Both releases became available on iTunes in 2006. Compiled by Kristi Ameringer and J.A.Bohr, default contains 12 of the most popular songs spanning Infinisynth's released works (some of which have only appeared before on video). It continues to be one of Dark World's best selling releases.

Infinisynth's default begins with a song from the Subnormal Episodes EP in 1993, To Die For, an innocent vampire song. It also appeared in the Infinisynth: Subnormal Episodes video in 1994. Next is the Infinisynth version of Railing on the Stairs, a song originally written by KarrArikh in his early teen garage band days. It first appeared on the Infinisynth: Subnormal Episodes II video in 1994. Rathaus III is the third stand-alone version of the song Rathaus from the video Germania Saga. It originally appeared first on the Remixes Vol. 1 cassette in 1994. It also appeared on Machine Parts in 1999. Warrior comes from the Shadow and Shade EP in 1995. Sonic Crunch comes from the Chaotic Access EP also in 1995. Both Warrior and Sonic Crunch also appeared on Subnormal Episodes and other ghosts in the closet in 1999. Wasser I, II, III is the live recording of the Germania Saga song from 1995. It first appeared on Machine Parts in 1999. Autobahn is from the video Germania Saga, first aired in 1995. Speed and Desolation come from the release Shadow and Shade, first released in 1996. Of Miracles and Madness, fragen and Reign on Hunter all appeared on What Remains in the MACHINE... from 2000.

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1.) To Die For (5:12)

2.) Railing on the Stairs (3:41)

3.) Rathaus III (3:31)

4.) Warrior (5:19)

5.) Sonic Crunch (4:35)

6.) Wasser I, II, III - live (8:25) **

7.) autobahn (6:32)

8.) Speed (7:00) *

9.) Desolation (4:38) **

10.) Of Miracles and Madness (7:45) **

11.) fragen (8:17) **

12.) Reign on Hunter (3:12) **

Cover Artwork features an image from the video "Infinisynth: Germania Saga", produced by J.A.Bohr

All songs written, programmed, and arranged by KarrArikh Tor (except fragen - music written by KarrArikh and Kain), performed by Infinisynth. Produced and Engineered by J.A.Bohr and Infinisynth. * Produced and Engineered by J.A.Bohr, Kristi Ameringer, and Infinisynth. ** Produced and Engineered by Kristi Ameringer and Infinisynth. contains live stereo performances recorded directly to Digital Audio Tape (tracks 2-11) and multi-track studio productions (tracks 1 & 12).


KarrArikh Tor- vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, sequence and drum/rhythm programming (on all tracks). Alex MacHein- vocals, percussion, drum/rhythm programming (on all tracks).

additional musicians - Kain leFayne- vocals, bass, percussion, drum/rhythm programming (tracks 9, 10, 11 & 12). Kat- female vocals, keyboards (tracks 3, 4, 6, 7 & 8). Kasey Tyr- bass (tracks 3, 4, 6 & 7). Patrick Bosch- bass (track 8).

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