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Shadow and Shade


Shadow and Shade

no. 010101-Out of Print (missing tracks 2, 6 & 7) -1996

no. 010102-Out of Print -1998

no. 010103-YAS promotional pressing -1998

no. 010104-CD-On-Demand, from CreateSpace -2010

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"The music is very low-key, laid back while the contents and structure are mellow and gloomy with a soothing appeal, as the fast paced guitar work weaves you in and out of ecstasy" (Klaus Dello-Stryto, The Glass Eye, July 1997). "Incisive guitar work ... Promising" (Bizarre Fanzine, Issue 10/Northampton, UK, 2000). "Es ist düstere, aber sehr schöne und wavige Gothic-Musik ..." (Back Again Webzine/Germany, 2002). Infinisynth successfully combines beautiful delayed guitar, pounding rhythms and haunting vocals on the Collector's Edition of this Indie Goth Rock debut CD, Shadow and Shade. Infinisynth is a Goth rock based project that is the brainchild of artist KarrArikh Tor. Included on the CD are Speed, a sharp look at a young addict's life; Into the Darkness, a sociopathic-pyromaniac's anthem; and Empty, the eerily haunting lament of a lost soul. These songs are off-set by the upbeat versions of Out of Time and Rain. Also included are Desolation, Documentary, Dreams, and two bonus remixes, originally released on Subnormal Episodes. Shadow and Shade is an auditory treat beginning to end.

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1.) Speed (7:04)

2.) Desolation (4:45)

3.) Out of Time (3:16)

4.) Empty (7:34)

5.) Rain (5:11)

6.) Documentary (6:55)

7.) Dreams (4:59)

8.) Into The Darkness (8:00)

9.) The Waiting (5:08)

10.) Heavy Hit (3:12)

bonus tracks on no. 010104

11.) Desolation (AM Radio mix) (4:34)

12.) Out of Time (atlantis mix) (4:34)

tracks 11 and 12 were originally released on Subnormal Episodes and other ghosts in the closet.

All songs written, programmed, and arranged by KarrArikh Tor, performed by Infinisynth. Produced and Engineered by J.A.Bohr, Kristi Ameringer, and Infinisynth. The release contains live stereo performances recorded directly to Digital Audio Tape.


KarrArikh Tor- vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, sequence, drum and rhythm programming. Alex MacHein- vocals, percussion, drum/rhythm programming. Kain leFayne- bass.

additional vocals and keyboard on Speed, Empty, Rain, and Into the Darkness by Kat, bass on Into the Darkness by Kasey Tyr, bass on Speed, Empty, and Rain by Patrick Bosch

When they were recorded

Heavy Hit and Out of Time were recorded 12/93. Into the Darkness was recorded 5/94. Empty, Rain, and Speed were recorded 12/95. The Waiting was recorded 2/96. Documentary was recorded 5/97. Desolation, and Dreams were recorded 10/98.

Cover Artwork
"From Black and White to Radiance"
by J. Karl Bogartte

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