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Subnormal Episodes and other ghosts in the closet


Subnormal Episodes and other ghosts in the closet

no. 010201-Out of Print, rare limited release -1999

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Infinisynth's Subnormal Episodes and other Ghosts from the Closet is the re-release of all the early demo and rare recordings of Infinisynth from 1993 to 1995. The album begins with the original songs from the Shadow and Shade - EP that caught the attention of J. Karl Bogartte, whose artwork graces the covers of Infinisynth's early work. Sonic Crunch was a song recorded for the Ennui Entertainment Presents video Great Mother. Out of Time (Atlantis mix) is a rare remix from Remixes Vol. 1. A recently discovered copy of the original Subnormal Episodes was found in the Dark World archives, salvaged, and remastered for this release. Infinisynth has also included a previously unreleased version of Desolation and previously unreleased song, Thoughts.

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1.) Empty (original EP mix) (7:30)

2.) Family (5:12)

3.) Warrior (5:26)

4.) Sonic Crunch (4:51)

5.) Desolation (AM Radio mix) (4:43)

6.) Out of Time (atlantis mix) (4:42)

7.) Thoughts (4:55)

8.) Sonic Crunch (5:10)

9.) Desolation (5:00)

10.) To Die For (5:29)

11.) Dreams (4:13)

12.) Insanity (5:55)

13.) Environmental Programmer (4:00)

14.) Ax12 (1:40)

Tracks 1-3, & 14 from Shadow and Shade - EP. Track 4 from Ennui Entertainment Presents Infinisynth: Great Mother (video). Track 6 from Remixes Vol. 1. Tracks 8-13 from Subnormal Episodes (Subnormal mixes). Tracks 5 & 7 were previously unreleased.

All songs written, programmed, and arranged by KarrArikh Tor, performed by Infinisynth. Produced and Engineered by J.A.Bohr and Infinisynth. Contains live stereo performances recorded directly to Digital Audio Tape.


KarrArikh Tor- vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, sequences, drums and rhythm programming. Alex MacHein- vocals, percussion, drum/rhythm programming.

guest female vocals on Desolation (AM Radio mix) by Nat, guest male vocals by Raig Macher. On the Shadow and Shade - EP, keyboards and female vocals by Kat, bass by Kasey Tyr.

When they were recorded

Tracks 1-3, & 14 were recorded 9/95. Track 4 was recorded 5/95. Track 5 was recorded 7/93. Track 6 was recorded 1/94. Track 7 was recorded 11/93. Tracks 8-13 were recorded 3/93

Cover Artwork
"A Radiant Species of Language"
by J. Karl Bogartte

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