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Spiral Default 2013


Spiral Default 2013

no. 010701-CD-On-Demand, from CreateSpace -2013

no. 010702-digital release, available on iTunes -2013

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KarrArikh Tor returns to Infinisynth with some of the hardest hitting songs they have performed yet. Spiral Default 2013 contains 14 new recordings for Infinisynth fans to feast on. Mixing distorted guitars with thumping bass, pounding drums, ambient keyboards and orchestral movements, KarrArikh expands the rock genres farther, gaining a sound and voice of his own.

Spiral Default 2013 begins with the song, Immortal, a satirical question about the world we live in. Infinigroove, the release's rock anthem, is the second track followed by The Fall, a Subnormal Episodes song originally written in 1993. The album then moves into the serious dilemma of having to choose sides in Sides. The release continues with Family, one of the Power Machine Saga songs about Johnny. Ballad is the sixth track, followed by the driving I am MACHINE. Next is the jazzy Interpretations featuring guest backing vocals by Kylyra. The ninth track is Leaves, an early KarrArikh song reworked with lyrics from his university days.

The tenth through thirteenth tracks are a new song run, called the Soundwaves saga, which began with a single melody. The first three songs play and repeat the melody in three different manners. Soundwaves I is the instrumental opening. Soundwaves II is a bouncy song and has the first words. This is the light side of sound waves, but brings up the concept of "the sound of balance". Soundwaves III is a darker industrial song. Here the concept of "the sound of balance" is questioned. Soundwaves IV is the conclusion to the sound wave saga. The concept of "the sound of balance" is realised as perception, ending in a resolution of the original melody.

The closing track on Spiral Default 2013 is a progressive jazz rock instrumental called Glimpse of Futures. "It is an instrumental track which began with a perfect fifth resonation, and grew into the first song where I actually play a diminished chord in. It is a jazzy rock song which fades out (also a first for Infinisynth, but not because I was lazy, it was the mood and feel I wanted for ending the release). I enjoyed playing it and think it follows the Soundwaves saga well. I also think it ends the release with a less dark feel than other Infinisynth albums end, less shadow."

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1.) Immortal (4:43)

2.) Infinigroove (5:10)

3.) The Fall (3:59)

4.) Sides (6:39)

5.) Family (3:29)

6.) Ballad (6:46)

7.) I am MACHINE (6:23)

8.) Interpretations (3:33)

9.) Leaves (3:14)

10.) Soundwaves I (3:24)

11.) Soundwaves II (3:41)

12.) Soundwaves III (3:50)

13.) Soundwaves IV (4:04)


14.) Glimpse of Futures (4:09)


All songs written and arranged by KarrArikh Tor, performed by Infinisynth. Female guest vocals on Interpretations arranged and performed by Kylyra. Produced and Engineered by J.A.Bohr, Kristi Ameringer, and Infinisynth.


KarrArikh Tor- vocals, nylon and steel string electric guitars, bass, keyboards, sequence and drum/rhythm programming. Alex MacHein- vocals, percussion, drum/rhythm programming.

Cover Artwork features digital artwork by KarrArikh Tor

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