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no. 010301-Out of Print, rare limited release -1999

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Infinisynth's Machine Parts features KarrArikh, Kain and Alex performing three new songs from the upcoming release, What Remains in the MACHINE...; fragen, of Miracles and Madness, and Love of Lies. Also contained on this release is Rathaus III, from Remixes Vol. 1, and a live recording of Wasser I, II, & III with Kasey (on bass) and Kat (on vocals and keys) from the October 31, 1995 performance in the Gasthaus, UWM Union, Milwaukee, WI, USA with Black Orchid & Q. With the return of KarrArikh's favorite punk guitar, Melissa, Machine Parts reacquaints Infinisynth fans with the harder sound of the band's past.

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1.) of Miracles and Madness (7:50)

2.) Love of Lies (4:47)

3.) fragen*** (8:24)

4.) Rathaus III (4:01) *

5.) Wasser I, II & III (8:28)

6.) The Basement

including March of the Cows**

and Cows in Outer Space** (10:30)

Cover Artwork
design and layout by Alan B. Harris,
with cube sides featuring images
by J. Karl Bogartte

All songs written, programmed, and arranged by KarrArikh, except ** written by KarrArikh & Kylyra, *** music written by KarrArikh and Kain. Produced and Engineered by Kristi Ameringer and Infinisynth. * Produced and Engineered by J.A.Bohr and Infinisynth. contains live stereo performances recorded directly to DAT.


KarrArikh Tor- vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, sequences, drums and rhythm programming. Alex MacHein- vocals, percussion, drum/rhythm programming. Kain leFayne- bass.

female vocals and keyboards on Rathaus III and Wasser I, II, & III by Kat, bass on Rathaus III and Wasser I, II, & III by Kasey Tyr.

When they were recorded

of Miracles and Madness, Love of Lies, and fragen were recorded 11/99-12/99. Rathaus III was recorded 8/94. Wasser I, II & III was recorded 10/95. The Basement was recorded 1/96.

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